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Medical and Health Assessment

Medical and Health Assessment Case Study Assignment This week you will be reviewing another SOAP note and reflecting on the additional information that you would be needing. ,This is not in SOAP format you will use headings for each section, and give me dialogue on what information is missing in each section. You will provide 5 differentials … Read more

Fill the following care plan table.

Fill the following care plan table Instructions 1.Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. 2.In your textbook, Physical Examination and Health Assessment, read: a.Chapter 1: Evidence-Based Assessment b.Chapter 2: Cultural Assessment 3.Download and review the Nursing Process PowerPoint presentation.  4.Access an additional resource available to you to help with creating care plans, … Read more

Discuss clinical Judgement and reasoning

Discuss clinical Judgement and reasoning Clinical Judgement and Reasoning The objective of this assessment is to discuss your ideas related to a focused health assessment of your case study patient. A focused health assessment concentrates on a specific area of concern, for example if a patient is breathless, then your assessment should include a respiratory/cardiovascular … Read more

Discuss Mrs. Connie Brownstone Case Study

Discuss Mrs. Connie Brownstone Case Study Its case study related to my nursing clinical placement area High dependency unit ICU. Need to follow Lovett jone’s clinical reasoning cycles.   You will need to choose and respond to the case study for the nursing specialty in which you have been allocated a clinical placement. In your case … Read more