Discuss clinical Judgement and reasoning

Discuss clinical Judgement and reasoning

Clinical Judgement and Reasoning

The objective of this assessment is to discuss your ideas related to a focused health assessment of your case study patient. A focused health
assessment concentrates on a specific area of concern, for example if a patient is breathless, then your assessment should include a
respiratory/cardiovascular and functional assessment. From the attached case studies, select one case that you find interesting.
Your case study will include a number of findings that will assist you in discussing your case study patient.
Your case study should include the following;
1. Describe the sequencing of your proposed assessment.
2. In relation to the health history, what questions will you ask? How do these inform your proposed assessment?
3. Analyse the findings of both the health history and the focused health and clinical assessment and relate these findings to the underlying disease             pathophysiology.
4. Formulate the nursing interventions for your selected patient using appropriate evidence based nursing literature to support your care decisions.
It is essential that a clear relationship between the health history, the assessment and the process of care be outlined in your case study. Your
case study must demonstrate your clinical judgment.


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