Write about Listeriosis disease

Write about Listeriosis disease

I choose the Listeriosis disease to write.

  1. Methods (< 1 page): briefly describe the methods used for identifying outbreak investigations that were included in the systematic review (8 pts)
    • Database(s) used
    • Search terms• Year(s)
    • Language
    • Inclusion/exclusion criteria (do not include review articles!)
    • Figure showing the results (i.e. # articles) of various steps of the search process (e.g. initial search, exclusions, additional exclusions after review, final sample). See the figure in this article for an example of an appropriate figure. Include a descriptive title. NOTE: A draft of the Methods section is due 10/21/2020 via Canvas. It is worth 10 points and accounts for 2.5% of your grade. In addition to the items above, include a reference list of articles included in the review as well as pdfs of all articles. Submit as a Word document. Grading for the draft of the Methods section will follow the rubric below: 012

**I also copy the example and attached the file and rubric as below.


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Systematic Review – Methodology
word limit:267