Write a case study on IS Audit Report

Write a case study on Information System Audit Report of an organisation

Write a case study on IS Audit Report .Perform a web search on recent (in the past 3 years) articles to find an interesting case study, such as news articles in relation to IS risks.
You will need to attach the original version of the case study or provide the URL link to the original case in the appendix when you submit the assignment. Assuming that you are an IS auditor, prepare an IS audit plan and report to the management of your client. The document must include the following:
1) Executive Summary
You will need to prepare an executive summary document (0.5-page maximum) to the board of directors.
2) Background to the Case
Provide the background to the client’s business and computerized environment. This is to demonstrate your understanding of the client’s business and IS environment.
3) IS Risks
Identify IS risks from the case study, including analyzing the likelihood, level of risks and implications to the business.
4) Audit Plan, Objectives and Procedures
Prepare an audit plan outlining the areas that you propose to audit. In addition, you will need to include audit objectives and audit procedures for each of the area(s) that you plan to audit.
5) Audit Questions and Documents
For each of the audit objectives, provide at least three examples of interview questions  when writing a case study on IS Audit Report  that you will use to gather evidence from clients, including naming relevant documents that you may want to obtain for the audit.
6) Control Recommendations
Provide a set of recommendations of control mechanism(s) to mitigate for each of the IS risks. Identify the benefits of your recommendations to your client.


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