Working with others effectively

Working with others effectively

Working with others effectively.Assessments and 360-degree evaluations provide a valuable opportunity for individuals to learn about themselves and afford them insight into how to work with others more effectively.

The Leadership Mirror® from Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI) is a multisource survey that gathers performance information about a particular individual or work group and is similar to a 360-degree evaluation. The information can be presented through a Traditional Feedback Report or a Targeted Feedback Report.
Based on these reports, discuss the following questions:

• What behaviors (positive and negative) do you think most warrant attention?

• What questions would you have for or about this person with regard to the following:

○ Values

○ Motivations

○ Emotional intelligence skills

• What kind of coaching or development might be needed to help her achieve personal and organizational goals ?

• In working with this person, what challenges do you think you might encounter?
What strengths do you think each of you would contribute to the relationship? What could you learn from this person?


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Working with others effectively