Theory Application Paper on White Oleander

Theory Application Paper on White Oleander

Theory Application Paper on White Oleander.Students will need to view the film, White Oleander, in its entirety before starting this assignment. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Complete the following steps to satisfy this assignment:

Use your Annotated Bibliography (provided) to provide support to your theory application, along with using your Newman and Newman textbook. You will need to incorporate a minimum of four (4) appropriate peer-reviewed articles from your Annotated Bibliography assignment in the Theory Application paper.

Provide a rationale  for selecting the two (2) theories in your Annotated Bibliography in a few introductory paragraphs at the beginning of the paper. Why did you choose these two (2) theories? What interests you most about them? What are the strengths of the two theories you selected? What are the weaknesse

Using the film, White Oleander, as a case study, describe how the selected theories might be applied to the main characters from a social work perspective. Describe what challenges you might face if the characters were actual clients.

Using Newman and Newman’s Life Stage model, explain the developmental tasks, psychosocial crisis, and core pathology traits associated with the main characters’ particular life stages.

Provide a closing paragraph (summary) that describes what you have learned about the theories you selected as it relates to the main characters in the film, White Oleander.

Include a Reference page in APA style of all citations used in writing the Theory Application paper.

The Theory Application assignment is required to contain the following APA style format elements:


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Theory Application Paper on White Oleander