Reflecting on supply chain issues with instant response requirements

Reflecting on supply chain issues with instant response requirements


This is our second Case Study, reflecting on supply chain issues with instant response requirements, procurement, along with logistics and operations issues.
Case Studies offer a good approach for thinking about real-world business applications. There will always be different viewpoints from references to help answer questions posed. As our knowledge base grows, we often find insight when reading cases like this. One of the main thrusts of this class is learning to collaborate in teams on assigned work. We have gained both knowledge and insight into sustainability and company growth from the text and additional course reading, thus far.
Due Dates

The paper should at minimum include:
1. Introduction
a. Reason for the Case Study
i. Why did the authors write it?
b. Discuss current relevance with today’s global market
c. List/discuss points of insight gained
2. Body
a. Discussion of Case Study text question answers
b. Comparison Options
i. SWOT analysis
ii. Other comparative analysis
c. Discussion of research findings
i. This could include figures, tables, etc.
3. Conclusions
a. Did you agree with the authors?
b. Is the author’s viewpoint in line with current thinking?
4. Recommendations
a. How could future work in the topic area be improved

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