Roles and Responsibilities of a Compliance Officer (Job Description)

Roles and Responsibilities of a Compliance Officer (Job Description)

Now that you’ve chosen two compliance plans, you can better understand the role of Compliance Officer and similar positions. You are developing two compliance plans in a way that all employees will understand at a large medical facility where you are the Compliance Officer.

To help you understand the concept of compliance, use the Internet to locate 2-3 positions for Compliance Officer, Quality Improvement Manager, or related positions. Use this information to create a consolidated job description. Be sure to include requirements such as Education, Professional Experience, and Responsibilities of the position.

Then, write a 2-3 page summary of anĀ Overview of Compliance Plans. In your overview, state the purpose of your two compliance plans for your company and how they relate to the proposed job description. In terms that every employee will grasp, explain how all employees would benefit by supporting the key elements in every compliance plan – compliance standards, high-level responsibility (for each employee), education (about compliance), communication, monitoring/auditing, enforcement/discipline, and response/prevention.

Support your job description and overview with at least three research sources outside of your required reading. You should have a total of at least five sources, including the two from Module 01. Citations in APA format should be listed in a References Page at the end.

Requirements: See instructions

Grading Rubric:

– Met all proficiency criteria plus assignment was well organized, flowed logically, with clarity enriched content with appropriate information, and correctly cited at ;east three sources used. Demonstrated deep understanding of industry-specific language and topic in minimum 2-page summary. (10 points)

– Created job description for compliance or related position with developed details on education, professional experience, and responsibilities of the position. (30 points)

– Overview states purpose not two compliance plans with developed details about relation to proposed job description, plus supportive examples. (30)

– Explains how employees would benefit by supporting key elements in a compliance plan with developed details, such h as standards, communication, monitoring education and prevention. (30)


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