Roles and Responsibilities as a Qualitative Researcher

Roles and Responsibilities as a Qualitative Researcher

Part 1:

Reflect critically on your role as a qualitative researcher. (Half page)

Part 2:

  • Describe your understanding of the following terms: positionality, reflexivity, and researcher-as-instrument. Provide definitions for each term, and offer examples that you draw from your own personal and professional experiences.
  • Pick three adjectives to describe the role of the qualitative researcher. Address each adjective in 3-5 sentences explaining what you see as the researcher’s responsibilities in planning for, conducting, and writing up a qualitative study.
  • Create some “notes to self.” In these notes, include ideas about the important and useful aspects of your role and responsibilities as a qualitative researcher that you will want to remember.

Requirements: 2-3 pages

Answer preview:

word limit:720