The Role of Ego and Accurate Communication in Management

The Role of Ego and Accurate Communication in Management

The Role of Ego and Accurate Communication in Management.The role that ego plays in the team communication can vary depending on the situation that something or a problem happened at work. This can be in a positive or negative way, it is important as a leader to always handle every situation in the most effective way in order to fix any problems.The ego can help the leader and the employees encourage everyone to do their job efficiently and  keep the team together, by this there will be a great communication between everyone. The ego can be a positive one and it will encourage the team to seek success in their life and in the company that
they are working for, because everyone should feel successful. The positive ego should also inspire others to have confidence in themselves so that the employees feels good and have a clear mind to work on the assigned projects. With the proper training on the managers and leaders I believe that almost everyone should be able to perform a good job and motivate the employees to success.

What are the communications needs in organizations? I work in a hospital where communication must be clear, precise and detailed. A mistake in communication can be tragic and/or catastrophic. For example, medication error, wrong limb, wrong patient, etc.

Where I work, we get communication daily, all day long from our corporate office.  Our biggest way to communicate externally is through our email.  Our computer screen will "ding" every time we have a communication mailer.  The organization that I work for has over 1700 stores and we communicate with each other by phone, email, and our work cellphone.  We get updates regularly on policy updates, new projects, grand openings, existing projects, computer updates, meeting minutes, new processes, CEO mailers, new training, new hires, requirements that are needed for something new,hiring and firing information, HAZMAT msds sheets, deadline reminders, and so much more.  Manager's in my store are on top of all of this, including myself.  If we all didn't stay up on this all we would be out of a job.  We will sometimes have a delay in getting these emails because some of do not work the nights and weekends, we are in training, in a meeting, or dealing with customers.  None of us sit at our desk all day, we are on the move from the time we get there until we leave.  I do feel our needs are being met because not only do we have to check our email 6 times a day (required), but we are always checking in with our store manager and corporate on a regular basis.  I am on the run more than anyone sometimes because I have six departments to keep track of.  I personally carry 3 phones, all of these phones are set up for different departments and it does get a little crazy sometimes but I get through it.  There are many weekends I am in the store just catchingup on emails that I might of missed during the week.  Not only do we communicate to our corporate office, we communication with the other department manager's, district manager, regional manager,and our own store manager.  It is safe to say 'we are always in the know' about what is going on with our store and in the corporate office.  If there is something urgent that needs to taken care of, we will then all get on a conference call.  I think the communication needs are being met where I work.


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