Research paper about Kokoro a Japanese ramen restaurant.

Research paper about Kokoro a Japanese ramen restaurant.

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This is an internship class, so you might need little bit of information about the place where I have been interning. First of all, I will quickly remind you just in case you need. This is an unpaid internship, so please DO NOT use any word “work”, I am not working there, I am actually shadowing or learning from co-workers or supervisors since I am not paid anything.

The place where I have internship is called Kokoro ramen restaurant. This is a Japanese ramenĀ restaurant. With this information, you need to write down 800 words research paper. I do not think you need to have a lot of information about restaurant. I also attached the format, and instruction for you to follow. Please be really careful about the required directions and format.

Since you don’t know anything about this restaurant, you can just create essay. But, you should pretend that you are interning at the Kokoro ramen.

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