Reflection on Growing up in South Beach

Reflection on Growing up in South Beach.

Reflection on Growing up in South Beach.Your goal is to write a narrative about your neighborhood. Be sure to include a description of the streets that surround your neighborhood, old schools, parks and other landmarks that are important. If certain landmarks no longer exist, be sure to describe at least one and include it in your research.


You are reflecting on your neighborhood in order to show readers where you grew up and how your neighborhood relates to who you are. Ask yourself the following questions as you draft your essay: What memories do you have about your neighborhood? What were your routines and rituals? Who were you with? How long did you live there? How did you feel connected to this place?


Be sure to include at least three images. One should be an original photo that you took, one must be researched (through a recent newspaper or online article) The last image must be historical (anywhere from 20-50 years ago.) Be sure to present each photo within the text of your writing, so that the words and pictures work together.


Since you are writing from a personal point of view, you want to keep in mind that your audience is outsiders. Highlight specific sensory details so that your audience will understand your neighborhood as well as you do. Describe the landscape, so that we can see it: what are the noises? what are the smells? how does it feel to live in your neighborhood?


Describe the emotions you have toward this place? How have they changed over time? How has your neighborhood changed? Why has this changed occurred? How do you feed about it? Try to bring in metaphor, simile, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, to make your audience feel specific emotions.


As you are writing, ask yourself why you are highlighting certain details and leaving others out? What do you want your readers to understand about your neighborhood, your life, and life in general? Be sure that your conclusion leaves your reader with something to remember.


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Reflection on Growing up in South Beach