Psychosocial assessment for a mental ill patient

Psychosocial assessment for a  mental ill patient.

Psychosocial assessment for a  mental ill patient.Summarising the Psychosocial Assessment Choose four Domains relevant to your patient case study. Provide a summary for each domain outlining how the patient is either having difficulty in this area, use the four Ps as a guide when composing your answer. Predisposing factors:ede3d3

Precipitating factors: immediate issues or events that have caused the client to present with or experience these problems or symptoms now (e.g. recent life experiences/stressors, bullying etc.).  Perpetuating factors: factors that cause the client’s symptoms/problems to continue or to progressively get worse (e.g. conflict in home, low social support, poor coping strategies).

Protective factors help improve the client’s situation or symptoms.


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