Explain how you will implement performance management system at Colesworths.

Explain how you will implement performance management system at Colesworths.

Assessment 1
Part A – Written or Oral Questions
You are the newly appointed Area Manager of Colesworths, a retail store specialising in gym and sports equipment. In each of these stores, there are
employees working in different functions as per the following chart:

After reviewing the overall performance of the 10 stores you oversee, you decide that all staff should be subject to a performance management program. Answer the following questions as to how you will implement this performance management system at Colesworths.
1. Whom should you consult with to allocate work?

2. Why is it important to consult with other people when allocating work?
3. What steps would you follow to create and allocate individual objectives?
4. It is necessary to manage available resources in an efficient and effective manner. How can you do that?
5. Performance Standards:
a. What are your expectations of your employees in terms of:
i. Quantity
ii. Quality
iii. Code of Conduct
b. How would you communicate these expectations?

6. What KPIs would you use? (You can develop KPIs based on your answer to question 5)
7. Think of a risk that any of the 10 stores could face. Complete a risk assessment using the following table: Risk Likelihood Impact Mitigation Action
8. Briefly explain 3 different methods of assessing employees’ performances.
9. Complete a performance plan for an employee in any one of the store’s function Key Result Area
Activities SMART objective KPI

10. What topics would you include when training store managers about the new system?
11. How often should performance of employees be measured?
12. How would you monitor and evaluate the new performance management


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