History of the area, Club Nikki

History of the area, Club Nikki

For the final paper please do you a write up about the case and your opinion about what happened.

Please include: the facts about the case, in history of the area to include Club Nikki, the area the girls lived in and what the city was like during that time, find a similar case and compare the two and then offer you opinion in detail what you think happened.

Details I Found About The Case: Tarsha McDowell and Tammie Lindsey lived in the Washington walk apartment off Spanish trail in east point ga. Where the county is Fulton county. They were dancers at Club Nikki, and their dancing names were “Obsession’ and “Brown Sugar”. On August 6 they both checked into a hotel (Castle Gate Hotel), but in separate rooms which is odd considering they were roommates unless their was other guests involved. According the hotel records they were suppose to stay for 3 days, but they never checked out.


Victims: Tarsha McDowell (19yrs old) (shot 5 times, with 2 fingers broken, a cut foot, beaten and burned. Tammie Lindsey (22yrs old) ( shot in shoulder and back of head, broken finger, beaten and burned also)
City: East point
County: Fulton County
Name of Apartment: Washington Walk at 3206 Spanish Trail

New Name of apartments: Lakeshire Village apartments at the address shown as De’mo Studio

Who owns it now: Richard Bowers & Co.


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