What does it really mean – Managing People for a Competitive Advantage?

What does it really mean – Managing People for a Competitive Advantage?

Give serious thought to this question РWhat does it really mean РManaging People for a Competitive Advantage? This sounds like a great concept Рmanage your people to give your company an advantage over your competition. But look at this much deeper РIf you were the CEO of a business What is it you could actually do Рput in place in your business to in fact give your organization a competitive advantage over your competitors?

Explore this question in a deeper way than just a simple surface statement of a few things you might do – this question really must consider what is it you can do strategically and on a sustained basis to create a competitive advantage. What is realistic – within the constraints of operating financially sound? What approach will leadership and management buy into? What approach will employees buy into?

As the CEO of a business what will you do to actively engage your senior leadership team to create an environment that does realize a competitive advantage for your business over time?

Provide rationale for why you believe your approach will create a competitive advantage – what is your basis for that rationale? How will you measure sucess? How will you know that you have achieved a competitive advantage? Prepare your paper accordingly.


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