Ethics of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

Ethics of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

Using the Ethics and Public Health Model Curriculum found in Course (attachment- se0583(2).PDF)

Use case study 2 in Module 6- Taxes, Consumption and Public Health

  1. Provides a background description of the ethical issue;
  2. Addresses how professionalism will be required to address this concern;
  3. Discusses how the legal standards of health care practice come into play (see Module 1, p. 13); and
  4. Describes how interdisciplinary collaboration can be achieved through leadership and community stewardship to address this ethical issue (see Module 4, p. 103).

2. Taxes, Consumption and the Public Health – Increasing taxes on cigarettes to limit consumption
highlights the tension between the claim that individuals have a right to purchase products that give the
m pleasure even if they produce illness and the public health claim that there is an obligation to inhibit
behaviors that can predictably be the cause of morbidity and mortality. In this instance, the tax-induced
increase in prices does not represent a prohibition but the creation of an economic burden that leaves
individuals formally free to choose.


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