Discuss the Schizophrenia disease.

Discuss the Schizophrenia disease

Discuss the Schizophrenia disease.Select any one of the diseases or disorders that have been covered in this course and discuss key factors including but not limited to, detailed pathophysiology, behavioral or psychosocial related issues, genetics or genomic factors, and related nursing process including evidence-based practice.Identify the disease or disorder including its origin.Provide a full detailed explanation of the identified problem in an understandable and organized manner.Include any behavioral or psychosocial related issues.Discuss genetic and or genomic issues with rationales that impact this problem. Include any applicable nursing diagnoses, interventions, education with evaluation, and related evidence-based practice that applies to the problem.A minimum of three (3) professional references are required. One of the three references may be your textbook.
The paper should be a minimum of three (3) pages in length, not including the title or reference pages. APA format is mandatory, please refer to the Module APA Resources – Review Sample of Formatting a Paper in APA 6th Edition.
Headers must be used to organize the flow of your paper and to ensure all the required material has been provided. The following Level One Headers (Bold and Centered) are suggested:

Disease or Disorder

Detailed Pathophysiology

Behavioral or Psychosocial Related Issues

Genetics or Genomics

Related Nursing Process

As far as the sources go. I put four but really the more the sources the better because i will be graded on plagiarism, so make sure that everything taken from the internet is cited


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Discuss the Schizophren disease