Discuss interpersonal skills to engage with Barry during the interview.

Discuss interpersonal skills to engage with Barry during the interview.

Four short essay questions In this clinical scenario you are a new graduate nurse.

1. Discuss the key interpersonal skills you would be using to engage with Barry during this interview.

2. Describe three important signs and/or symptoms in this scenario that would alert you to a mental health disorder?

3. Consider the signs and/or symptoms you identified above. Briefly describe two clinical interventions and how you might be able to implement them.

4. At a follow-up appointment in two weeks you meet with Barry before he leaves the clinic. He has just been prescribed venlafaxine 75mg (modified release) once daily. Briefly discuss the information you need to provide to Barry about the medication before he leaves the clinic.  Clinical Scenario You are a new graduate nurse.

A 42 year old man presents at a large regional community primary health care clinic. His name is Barry. Your role today is to provide initial intake and screening service for all new patients before they see the medical practitioner. Before you call Barry, you take a moment to notice that he looks concerned, frequently looking around, and is more restless than most other patients in the waiting area.

During your initial physical assessment he reports to you that he is not currently prescribed any medication, rarely drinks alcohol and is not using any non-prescribed or illegal drugs. He also states that he has never been a smoker. Marking Criteria • Utilisation of evidence for clinical practice • Understanding of clinical concepts • Application of clinical reasoning skills • Application of academic literacy skills • Demonstrates academic integrity The Marking Rubric may be downloaded from here (<>) Barry goes on to tell you that he has recently been made redundant from a local telephone call centre.

He lives with his wife who is a teacher at the small local primary school. He describes her as supportive but always “stressed and worried about children who are out of control these days”. He says the reason he came to the clinic today is that he has “finally had to get himself checked out”. He says he “cannot cope anymore and might have a serious illness or something”. When you ask him to describe what is happening he lists a variety of health issues such as difficulty sleeping, digestive upsets, unexpected shortness of breath where his heart races and feels as if he is about to die. He says these “attacks” leave him as “a complete wreck”.

When you ask about his family he describes a large number of worries he has about problems his adult children are having in their jobs, their health problems, and worries about money. He then expresses great concern that he is can’t cope with their problems asking “what am I to do?” When you complete the physical observations the only significant result is a slightly elevated blood pressure and heart rate for a man of his age and weight.


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