Identify different brands of product that target different age groups

Identify different brands of product that target different age groups

Consumer behaviour

Individual essay and powerpoint based on the essay

In point 1 of the assignment talk about income, lifestyle, gender and education. Point 2 should be how they promote the brand and also brand marketing. In point 3 write about internal and external, perspectives self image, culture and decision making. Powerpoint has to be written based on this assignment

Choose 2 products that are used by people of all age groups (soft drink, toothpaste, automobile, etc.). 1. Identify different brands of this product that target different age groups (Gen Yers, Gen Xers, boomers, seniors). 2. Identify and analyse key differences in each product itself as well, as in how these brands are promoted, priced, and distributed based on consumer behaviour perspective (Solomon 2015) 3. Identify and analyse the characteristics of the age cohort (internal and external characteristics affect consumer purchase behaviour) in your description/ evaluation of the 4 P’s used for the product marketing to each group. # Two products should be analysed separately. Where are your products and analysis? tell the writer to repeat the powerpoint based on the new assignment he/she is going to re write i require this to be written again maximum 1 days and sent back to me please also it is essential to use the book “consumer behaviour buying, having and being eleventh edition Michael R.Solomon


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