Discuss employee rights and privacy

Discuss employee rights and privacy

1. Tools and techniques

How effective is ethical leadership as a means of ethical management?  Is it effective on its own or should it be utilised with other ethical management tools and techniques?  Use ethical theory and real-world examples in your answer.

2.  Employee rights – privacy

Are there limits to privacy in the workplace for employees?  Analyse the key ethical rights and duties involved in workplace privacy.  Use ethical theory and real world examples in your analysis.

3. Globalisation

workers were killed when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh. Using ethical theory, analyse whether or not the multinational companies using suppliers based in the Rana Plaza factory were unethical in their behaviour.  Offer conclusions on the ethics of this case.

4. Buyers/suppliers

One such imbalance of power exists between British supermarkets and British dairy farmers.  Are British supermarkets behaving as ethical buyers           in their purchasing of milk? Or are they abusing their position of power over British farmers to behave in unethical manner? Utilise ethical theory           in your answer.

  1. Taxation: Under current U.K. tax law, tax avoidance is deemed legal whilst tax evasion is illegal. Currently there is a great deal of controversy regarding the global tax arrangements of MNCs such as Apple Amazon and Google who have organised their tax arrangements so as to minimise legally their global tax bills. Do you consider such tax avoidance to be unethical?  Utilise ethical theory to present your analysis and real world examples to illustrate your answer.
  2. . Consumers Susan Linn, director of the Campaign for a Commercial-free childhood, states that:‘There’s no moral, ethical, or social justification for marketing any product to children’ (Bruce Watson, The Guardian, 24th February 2014).Is it ever ethical to market products to children?  Answer this question using ethical theory.

    Are high levels of executive pay ethical?  Use ethical theory to answer this question.

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