Dеsсribе thе lift аbоut Building sеrviсе

Dеsсribе thе lift аbоut Building sеrviсе

Dеsсribе thе lift аbоut Building sеrviсе

describe the lift and its machine, function, materials, capacity, maintenance, improvement about building service

Write a part of report
Describe the part of LIFT in a building which is in the SCARBOROUGH CENTRE

Scarborough Centre information:
 The building has 5 levels (including basement car park)
 The building is purely for commercial use, we have retail on the ground level and professional office space in the other levels.

Describe the list below using information from these photos and red words around the building service——lift.
Including: photos, essay, charts or tables, references

1. Description and type of lift (the lift size, how many, color, material, components in the lift car, the location, type of lift, function)
2. The lobby condition and the location (describe the lobby condition, size)
3. Condition ( refurbishment two years ago, operate not too busy, estimate the number of person used, new look)
4. Capacity and quality ( the picture: write on the lift wall)
5. Machine room ( find a picture on the internet of the lift machine, and describe its function)
6. Maintenance (check about one month a time, the things that need to repair)
7. Improvement / assumption ( can improve the speed, quality, capacity)


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The Lift of Scarborough Centre Building