Discuss the Cross Cultural behavior

Discuss the Cross Cultural behavior

Discuss the Cross Cultural behavior.Outline and explain the concept of national culture and how it influences behaviours in the workplace.Critically comment upon the implications of the link between national culture and behavior for organisations. Analyse and assess the impact of culture upon managers and consider management skills required working across cultures. Outline and critically assess a range of HR Practices used in support of cross cultural managers Critically analyse the factors leading to cultural change. Critically appraise and make recommendations for the appropriate modifications to standard managerial approaches to fit specific national cultures.

Critically appraise the various cultural issues that operate within a business environment. Advise on the design of an appropriate human resource package to prepare and support managers for working overseas.

Identify and reflect upon their culture of origin.

Please consider the following scenario:

Aisha has recently been appointed as the HR Director of the oil company Super Oil, based in Kazakhstan, and mostly employing local people. This is for Aisha her first senior role in a big company.

Aisha got a Management degree in the UK. She worked many years in different roles at a multinational company based in the UK, and subsequently got an MBA. She is originally from Kazakhstan and knows very well the region where Super Oil is based. This new job means for Aisha to move back to her home country after more than ten years spent in the UK.

Aisha realizes the company culture at Super Oil is very different from the one she experienced while working in the UK. She notices soon that the company structure follows a strict hierarchy, based on authority power. The turnover at the middle level management is very high. It looks like middle managers do not have many possibilities to talk to senior managers. Surprisingly to her, employees at the shop floor remain in the same role for years, if not even decades, and do not have any opportunity for advancement or training.

She would like to provide both middle managers and employees with more contact with senior managers, and also, with more learning and development opportunities. She will need to convince her senior colleagues to be more approachable and responsive to middle managers. She soon realizes that she cannot do that without considering aspects related to culture change and cultural diversity.

Prepare a report for Aisha, where you explain which aspects of culture change and cultural diversity she should consider while attempting to introduce these initiatives at Super Oil. When answering this question, explain how cultural diversity can enable (or hinder) Aisha‘s plan to introduce learning and development opportunities for managers and employees, and more dialogue across different hierarchical levels.

Use academic sources and examples to support your arguments.


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