Create a Mini Consumer Research Plan – Ethenography

Create a Mini Consumer Research Plan – Ethenography

Please submit a plan for your Unit 2 mini consumer research project. You may choose any good or service to study that you can reasonably observe and conduct interviews about in a few weeks. In the past, students have studied AirPods, Dating Apps, Ride-Sharing Apps, Starbucks, Chipotle, e-cigarettes, etc. You should pick a product that you have a question about–such as why so many people use it, why it is so expensive, or why it has become less popular recently. The research plan should include a question, methods section, agenda, and timeline.

    1. Formulate a research question pertaining to the use/consumption of your chosen good or service that can be addressed through short-term, small-scale qualitative research methods (observation, individual interviewing, focus group/group interview, mobile ethnography, etc.).
    2. Choose a minimum of 3 research subjects. You can interview people you already know but be sure to address how those relationships may impact your research process and findings.
    3. Set a research agenda and timeline.

Requirements: 2 pages   |   .doc file

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