Content Marketing-Simulated Business Scenario

Content Marketing-Simulated Business Scenario


Content marketing is an integral component of social media marketing. For example, we see websites with blogs and branded profiles on major social media networks. Blog posts get shared on many social channels. Well-designed social media marketing is about promoting brands and use social platforms to grow and educate an audience(s).

Simulated Business Scenario

Tamika is a newly hired VP leading Macy’s digital marketing department. She quickly learns that Macy’s is late to integrate social media into their overall integrated marketing strategy. Tamika wanted to form a new team in her department that will focus on social media marketing.

Tamika drafted a budget to fund the new team, and she is scheduled to deliver a presentation to senior management for their approval of the new budget. She knows that Macy’s revenue is down 25%, and senior management is resisting any new expenditures.

Tamika knows she needs help with the presentation, so she asks her top manager, Manny, to put together some information that identifies the major types of content marketing.


  1. Knowing that a brand needs permission to use an image that they found on the internet, what are the major types of content that Manny should use in the report?
  2. Using the ranking of the different types of content (based on popularity), how could Manny help Tamika persuade senior management to approve the new budget?

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