Respond Discussion- Marketing Management

Respond Discussion- Marketing Management

1. When it comes to purchasing items, a lot of people like to weigh the pros and
cons that a product has to offer with a competitor before making their purchase.
Some people even ask others for their opinion if they have used a product what
they think (I know that I do this a lot because I like to hear first hand
My question is: Do you weigh the strengths and weaknesses (similar to a SWOT
analysis) of a product with others before making purchases? At what point do the
weaknesses of a product out-weigh the strengths that make you go to the competing
brand or reconsider the product purchase in general?

2- Chapter 3 focuses on segmentation and how it works with marketing. It is always
nice to see a products that are somehow presented to fit what I am looking for.
Sometimes a simple notification from UberEates saying " Ibrahim we found
restaurants that have your favorite food" would be enough to grab my attention.
With the degital world we live in today, it has become easier for companies to
track our behavior based on our online activities. Knowing that your Google/
Apple activities are monitored and these companies are gathering data about you
to best serve your interests is a bit scary. However, I feel it is helpful because
only the products that are in my interest circle is being presented to me.
How do you feel about seeing a product that shows up in your social media ads after
you just talked about it with someone or searched it in the web?

3- STP is a fascinating thing to think about as you are going through your normal
day activities. After reading through this chapter I have been finding myself
thinking about the product I am seeing on a daily basis, mostly the ones that I am
seeing online. Gets me wondering about who they are targeting and what
segment I fall under that makes them think I am someone that could you their
product. But Honestly, I have been getting a lot of golf adds and I know for a fact
I am the perfect person to be seeing these ads. haha
This got me thinking though what organizations may be targeting the wrong group of
people. So my question is, what organizations have you come across that you believe
have the wrong target segment and how should they adjust to better position their
organization in the marketplace

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