Cause of debt being creating of too much money leading to spike in price to unpayable debt

Cause of debt being creating of too much money leading to spike in price to unpayable debt

THESIS: the major cause of financial crisis in developing nations is due to the creating of too much money resulting in a spike in prices which lead to unpayable debts.

sources/paper must support this thought.

Write a short thesis paper on an International Financial Management topic about which you have a curiosity to learn more than will be covered in class. The essay topic has to be agreed by the instructor prior to beginning work on the assignment. The instructor will provide a short list of possible topics but students do not need to be limited to the list as long as each student gets approval by the instructor for a topic. The paper must have a central organizing thesis and include at least 5 secondary sources and 3 primary sources. Students should demonstrate in their writing that they have analyzed and interpreted the primary sources, and also demonstrate how the primary sources contribute to their thesis. All primary and secondary sources should be appropriately referenced. Your essay should be at least 750 words in length (about 3 pages) and should follow the Guidelines and Format provided below.

This assignment challenges you to be the financial expert. It asks you to go beyond reading only secondary accounts written by other finance experts, economists and by the popular media.
Do a close reading of the primary sources. By definition a close reading means reading the sources several times.
You must go beyond description of the primary and secondary sources and instead analyze and interpret the material. For example, what do the sources NOT tell us as well as tell us? What are the emotions of the sources? What are the political perspectives and biases of the sources?
You must evaluate the contradictions. Which primary and secondary sources to be more reliable or relevant? Why? Make this evident in your writing.
Your essay should have a clear thesis in the introduction, supporting evidence in the body, and a summary conclusion. Hints:
Your thesis IS NOT “I’m going to compare three five secondary sources and three primary sources”
Your thesis IS a direct answer to a question you have posed
Writing Aids: Make sure to read the handouts on “Thesis Statement” and “Paragraph Development.” (available on Blackboard)


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Cause of debt being creating of too much money