Cyber Security

Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan In this section, you are to describe the activities and methods that will be used to measure short-, medium- and long-term outcomes. Here is where you will use a series of logic models. What is the project? Include the following: APA Answer preview: Get instant access to the full solution from … Read more

Use and Misuse of Encryption 

Use and Misuse of Encryption Your task: You have been asked to give a presentation to the Chief Technology Officer’s (CTO’s) staff for their monthly “brown bag” luncheons. The subject of this session is: Use and Misuse of Encryption. Background: Cryptographic algorithms provide the underlying tools to most security protocols used to implement encryption in … Read more

Data Protection Practices

Data Protection Practices Data Protection Practices Before you begin: review the information provided in this resource: It takes a team of individuals throughout an organization who work together to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of data resources. But, how does an organization know that it has enough people in the right roles performing the right … Read more

Cybersecurity Discussion

Cybersecurity Discussion TOPIC: Discuss a particular type of Malware and how has it been used in “today’s news” and the respective impact on cybersecurity. Add to your discussion ways the Malware could have detected and potentially avoided this issue. MIN 300 words APA format 2 references Requirements: .doc file Answer preview: word limit:371

Personal Jurisdiction-Transnational Cybercrimes

Personal Jurisdiction-Transnational Cybercrimes Discuss problems in investigating and prosecuting transnational cybercrimes. What things can impair international cooperation and what practical steps can investigators/lawyers take facilitate matters? Elaborate on process that applies in order to obtain personal jurisdiction over a person who physically resides in a foreign country. How is that process exercised? Question: Laws that … Read more