Discuss about  famous whistleblower  Dr Jeffrey Wigand on the

Discuss about  famous whistleblower  Dr Jeffrey Wigand on the

The 1999 movie “The Insider”

Dr Jeffrey Wigand was Vice President at Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation in 1993. He is a famous whistleblower on the company’s manipulation of nicotine and lies about health concerns and tobacco. The 1999 movie “The Insider” was based upon Wigand’s experiences. Review his story and case at this website http://www.jeffreywigand.com/ and then answer the following questions:

What motivated Wigand to take an executive position at a tobacco company and then 5 years later to denounce the industry’s efforts to minimize the health and safety issues of tobacco use?

What whistle-blower actions did Dr Wigand take? In your opinion, were they appropriate?

If you were in Dr Wigand’s position, what would you have done? What would you have done differently, if anything?

What whistle-blower protections would you recommend a company implement, if any?


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