Your Childhood’s Literature Blog Third Entry

Literature of your childhood and the literature of my childhood are very different. What we will be covering in class is a broad historical approach. This Discussions assignment is your opportunity to share what stories were important to you as individuals with your classmates and me. I will also share some of the books that I discovered during my childhood and that are still meaningful to me today.

You will create 3 YCL Discussions entries, and you will comment on 3 other students’ YCL Discussions per entry throughout the semester. Please include not only about 250 words of text per entry but images, links to articles and videos. Each blog entry is worth up to 10 points. Each comment is worth up to 5 points. Comments for Blog 3 are due by Saturday, March 20.

Requirements: 350   |   .doc file

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Your Childhood's Literature Blog Third Entry
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