Written Communication: Writing an Email.

Written Communication: Writing an Email.


You wouldn’t begin a road trip without a destination in mind. The destination gives you a goal, helps you plan how to get there, and lets you know when you’ve arrived. The same is true for writing. Whenever you write anything, whether it’s an email to your boss or a text to your best friend, you have to understand your destination. Where is your writing taking you, and what are you trying to accomplish? Are you creating a simple grocery list or outlining the reasons you should be promoted? In other words, what is your purpose?

For this assessment, you’ll use what you’ve learned about professional written communication to write a professional email message that includes information relevant for a specific purpose, emphasizes important points using style mechanics, and uses appropriate tone and language for a specific audience.

Requirements: See Instructions.

This assessment is based on the first assessment that you did before. I posted with the 2 word instructions

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word limit:200