Writing Question- Latin American Influence in Media

Writing Question- Latin American Influence in Media


Your rough draft should be a close-to-complete version of your final paper. The more you have done for your rough draft, the better your feedback will be for the final product. Keep this in mind when you work on and submit this assignment.

This assignment should be at least six- to eight-pages in length.

For the rough draft, you should include:

  • an early version of your introduction
  • a literature review (you may want to check this Literature Review Reminder)
  • a conclusion
  • a bibliography

Optionally, you can include an abstract, but we will focus on that for the final paper.

As with the final paper, the introduction should set up a history/background of the topic, which can include a discussion of the impact of the topic (who/what does it affect) and a broad discussion of social science methods. You should also introduce the three major themes that you will be discussing in the literature review. For yourconclusion, recap your overall discussion and the major points of the literature review. What does this tell us about your topic overall? How does the information fit together to portray the state of American culture? Reestablish the impact of the topic. Also cover any future directions that research should move in. Are there unanswered questions? Unstudied populations?

Avoid using first person. Do not say, “I want to discuss,” or similar things. Focus on the topic and the themes, not you or your experiences.

  • As an example, instead of saying, “I want to explore how gender, race, and sexuality influence inequality,” you could say something like, “Inequality is influenced by a wide range of factors, including gender, race, and sexuality.”
    • This would be a thesis statement to set up the rest of the paper from your introduction

You should have at least eight to ten academic sources in your rough draft, though you can have more than ten.

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