Writing Question-College Football

Writing Question-College Football


A functionalist (Durkheim), a conflict theorist (Marx), and a critical theorist (Horkheimer) walk into a bar. There’s a college football game on.

How does each theorist explain college football’s purpose or role within society in general? Hint: a critical theorist might take issue with making broad generalizing assumptions here.
What would they say about the way college football is structured as a way to support their explanation? Structure here means the ways social institutions are organized and constructed. If you’re still struggling with the concept of social structure then it’s completely understandable to just Google it.
If the theorists were to criticize one another’s explanations, what might they say?

Your answer should be organized into 3 sub-essays, one for each theorist. Keep in mind that this is exam is a significant part of your grade so thorough, complete answers are expected.

Requirements: 3 Pages

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word limit:936