Write an essay on Modern U.S Governance

Write an essay on Modern U.S Governance

Research and write a short analysis of the globalization of one place in the present. Specifically, your case study should

  1. identify, describe and analyze the present state or condition of a place (for example, why is Somalia a failed state?), or identify and analyze a significant/noteworthy event or set of related events that occurred recently or are ongoing in a place (for example, why have Ghana and the Ivory Coast formed a cocoa cartel? or, why are there “caravans” of migrants pouring out of Honduras?), and
  2. identify what dimensions of globalization and/or development, as we have studied them in this class, are necessary to adequately understand the historical and geographical background for that condition or those events, and
  3. clearly explain the connections between those dimensions of globalization and/or development and the current condition or events. In other words, the case study should focus on something that is happening now; however, digging into the history of the place will be a necessary part of explaining the present situation. Like in Tropic of Chaoshow did history set the stage for what is happening now – specifically the kinds of globalization and/or development processes we have learned about in this class?

This case study will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • How well it describes and analyzes what is happening in the chosen place,
  • How well this analysis integrates the readings and the larger context of the course,
  • How well it meets academic writing standards.
  • An excellent case study will use the concepts from the class as an integral part of the analysis, employing quotes from the readings (and sources) where appropriate. It will contextualize what is happening in the place within larger patterns of globalization and development addressed in class. It will be written to academic style: along with good writing, the sources used will be appropriate to the topic, properly cited, and of academic quality. It may use popular sources (newspapers, magazines, online sites, etc.), but it must also make meaningful use of at least 2 scholarly, non-class sources (scholarly = academic = peer-reviewed journal articles or books), and it must cite them properly.

Having difficulty picking a topic? Maybe your topic is too big or too small? Go to this link, and on the first page watch the very short 3-minute video “Picking Your Topic IS Research” https://researchguides.uoregon.edu/c.php?g=318981Links to an external site.. I recommend the other boxes on that page, and the rest of the pages in the same Research Guide as well. One possible way to start is to pick a place that interests you, and look for stories from reliable journalism sources such as the New York Times, BBC, Guardian, Washington Post, LA Times, The Economist, etc. Try doing some searches linking that place with key terms and concepts from our class. Also highly recommended: go talk to the GEs during their office hours, or make an appointment to see them if you cannot attend their regularly scheduled office hours.

What are scholarly sources? For the difference between popular and scholarly sources, watch this short 4-minute tutorial: https://researchguides.uoregon.edu/popular-scholarlyLinks to an external site.. To find scholarly sources, try starting in the third box (“Finding Articles”) on the following page: https://researchguides.uoregon.edu/getting-started/finding_articlesLinks to an external site.. To better understand how to find good sources on the internet, you could read the short article “Learning to Spot Fake News” (in the same module in Canvas).

How to cite your sources properly: You may use any citation style you like, just be consistent and clear. For common citation styles and further instructions, please consult this website: http://library.uoregon.edu/guides/citing/index.htmlLinks to an external site.. For straightforward instructions on how to avoid plagiarizing, go here: https://researchguides.uoregon.edu/citing-plagiarism/plagiarismLinks to an external site..

Basic Guidelines: double-spaced, 1” margins all around, font 12-point Calibri or Times New Roman, 600-700 words (about 3 pages; not counting bibliography and illustrations). Edit and proofread (and know the difference between editing and proofreading!)

Online Writing Lab: the UO offers an asynchronous service, meaning you will receive feedback after you send them your work. They also offer synchronous (live) tutoring, which you can access through their website. For more information: https://owl.uoregon.edu/Links to an external site.

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