Write an essay about managing change.

Write an essay about managing change.

Question 1 –

Reading: Palmer et al. (2017). – Chapter 1: Managing Change: Stories and Paradoxes.

Read “The Story of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center” and summarize it.

Question 2 –

  • Reading: Goodman & Dingli (2017).
    • Chapter 2: Key Business Decisions

Why might a total reliance on the rational/analytical approach to making business decisions be inadvisable in times of discontinuous change?

How might managers avoid bias in their business decisions?

Question 3 –

  • Reading: Goodman & Dingli (2017).
  • Chapter 5: Applied Business Creativity
  • List the three stages of the creative problem solving (CPS) process noted in Chapter 5. Define and give an example that depicts all three.
  • What are the basic steps of the Nominal Group Technique? Define and give an example
  • Explain how CPS activity can be applied to individual, group, and top management

Question 4 –

Reading – Palmer et al. (2017)

  • Chapter 4: What to Change? Diagnostic Approach
  • Chapter 5: What Changes and What Doesn’t?

Think about your current job situation with regard to change management, then answer the questions below.

  • In what kinds of change initiatives are you currently involved—shallow, deep, mixed?
  • If your current involvement concerns mostly shallow initiatives, how will that affect your ability to answer questions about your change management experience at the next job/promotion interview?
  • Do you need to “reposition” your profile to include deeper changes?

word limit:1390