Write an Annotated Bibliography on Child Abuse

Write an Annotated Bibliography on Child Abuse

Banned Topic List :Abortion, euthanasia, gun control, violence in media/video games, drug legalization, skateboarding, surfing, global warming, the drinking age, capital punishment, terrorism, stem cell research, evolution/intelligent design/creationism, steroid use in sports, autism, animal rights, illegal immigration, GMOs, bullying, human trafficking, terraforming, cell phones/texting while driving, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, universal healthcare/socialized medicine, obesity, anything that sounds like a conspiracy theory, gay marriage, and smoking. 

Thinking of doing child abuse as my topic but honestly what ever you feel comfortable with. this annotated bibliography leads into my research paper so what ever you think would be a great topic for that is fine. I’m not the smartest in class so a super smart topic like stem cell research would not fit me as well as big words the words above are the banned topic.


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child abuse