Write a Summary on Human Papilloma Virus

Write a Summary on Human Papilloma Virus

Write a summary on Human Papilloma Virus on the following  areas:130 HPV types that cause warts, and are responsible for some forms of cancer Strain-specific; 30-40 HPV types are associated with genital cancers.Types 16 and 18 most well studied, and can immortalize epithelial cells in vitro – Dependent on Ras activation and effects on cell cycle regulation

Genome organization of human papilloma virus type 16; one of the sub types known to cause cervical cancer. (E1-E7 early genes, L1-L2 late genes: capsid).E7 binds Rb and releases E2F to promote cell cycle; E6 binds to cellular E6-AP and p53 to induce ubiquitination and proteosomal degradation of p53.E6-AP mediates ubiquitination of an E6-E7 fusion protein.

Identification of proteins involved in E6-mediated Bacterially expressed E1 and E6-AP can substitute for Fraction B and Fraction A, respectively.

A novel human ubiquitin conjugating enzyme E2 Is involved in E6-mediated ubiquitination. Reconstitution of E6-mediated degradation of p53

E6-AP stimulates ubiquitination in the absence of HPV16 E6.E6-AP stimulates ubiquitination of normal cellular proteins.


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