Write a review on Organizational Behavior and how it relates to your work life

Write a review on Organizational Behavior and how it relates to your work life

You have to read chapter 4 and I also uploaded a powerpoint review of chapter 4 that the professor presented that you can also take a look at, make a 15 powerpoint slideshow of the review of the chapter, relation to your work life or mine (we can discuss if youd like to relate it to yours or mine) and lesson learned from it

And it can only be 15 slides, but if we want we can also add in a video for it to shorten our 15 minutes which means less slide shows

And one more thing, when thats completed i need a script to follow by for when I present it other than that this chapter is just about emotions in the worklife dealing with customers etc

Have you been able to understand what the requirements and rubric etc for what i’m expecting in the powerpoint and script?

I have a lot of requirements in regards of my Final Porject. Most importantly, I would like a tutor that is knowledgeable and a Business major. This is for my Supervision and Organizational Behavior class. I have attached 3 files, one file has the rubric which i require a tutor to follow through with and most importantly the guidlines. The second file, is a powerpoint in regards of chapter 4 that my professor made to present to our class as a review of the chapter which i shared to also show you as an example of how the slideshow should be. Very straightforward, simple, makes sense and understandable not too complicated. Third, i attached chapter 4 that you need to read to understand what its about and can look at the slideshow for a better review of it. As a side, i need a script for each slide to know what I will be talking about.

Short story short, this would be as if a professor told you to pick a chapter, make a slideshow powerpoint about it in regards of how it relates to your work life and lesson learned from it connection wise to the chapter and a review of the chapter. I can explain to you my work life for you to relate it to or you can relate it to yours. whatever is easier but we can further discuss it.

Other than that, you deff need to read chapter 4, look over how the prof reviewed chapter 4 to show you how it should be done and how it relates to either mine or your work life and lesson learned with a script for me for each slide for me to talk about it to the class

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organizational behaviour

Word limit : 15 slides