Write a reflection on agile and extreme programming

Write a reflection on agile and extreme programming

Two of the new trends in systems design and analysis is Extreme Programming (XP) and Agile Methodology. Differentiate between the two.

For EACH method, name an organizational entity (business, government agency, etc.) that uses these methods and describe what they have done. Do NOT use the examples identified in the textbook.


Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in, an uncertain and turbulent environment.

Agile software development is an umbrella term for a set of frameworks and practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and the 12 Principles behind it. When you approach software development in a particular manner, it’s generally good to live by these values and principles and use them to help figure out the right things to do given your particular context.

There’s a big focus in the Agile software development community on collaboration and the self-organizing team.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t managers. It means that teams have the ability to figure out how they’re going to approach things on their own.


Be sure to proofread carefully (Use Grammarly – the premium version! Make sure your writing score is more than 90) and cite your sources (APA 7.0 ed).

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by Jana Kmetova

Overall, extreme programming dates back to 1996, and it is one of the Agile Processes, and right from the beginning, it was successful in many industries. Extreme programming is teamwork-based and makes teams more productive with effective problem-solving. In addition, extreme programming improves communication, feedback, respect, simplicity, and courage, and keep a firm connection between customer and programmers. For example, one of the most common aspects of extreme programming is simple rules, where not aligned pieces are combined into one picture that can be easily seen (Wells, 2013). Wilson (2019, par. 1) states that “extreme programming is a form of agile framework where PMs get the best out of available resources in a software development environment.” Furthermore, Wilson (2019) describes that the company that uses extreme programming is IBM. While using extreme programming, the company is more productive, customer satisfaction increases.

On the other hand, agile methodology manages a company’s projects by splitting them into several phases – requirement, design, development, test, deploy and review. Overall, Agile helps a company to respond to their customer’s feedback better and fulfill their needs. Some of the principles that Agile methods are specific are; customer satisfaction through good software, close collaboration between business people and developers, measure the progress by the amount worked in the software, and simplicity. The advantage of agile methods is the predictability of costs and faster ROI. The process can be separated into parts that managers can easily assume the costs (Lucidspark, N/A). The company Apple uses the Agile Manifesto (12 principles that software developers should practice to guide their work), where Apple does not use a particular process but rather a set of values built on a respect for support and that carries out the best in customers. In this meaning, Apple is Agile (Denning, 2012).

The main difference between extreme programming and agile are

Extreme programming does not have intermediaries between the customer and the team

Extreme programming is focused on engineering solutions

Extreme programming is an Agile team without a strict structure

Extreme programming contain each small piece that has its performance

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