Write a final written assessment

Write a final written assessment

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You are caring for a male patient who has been admitted with seizures for investigation. You go into the bathroom and find him on the floor. What would your immediate actions be?

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After morning handover of your 4 patients you have reviewed the charts and have entered the room to greet your patients. It is 0730 and breakfast is usually delivered at 0740. Before you can introduce yourself, the following demands on your time occur concurrently:

Patient 1 Mrs Peterson is asking for help to the ensuite to use her bowels. You know Mrs Peterson had a stroke 2 weeks ago and has a moderate left hemiplegia and needs assistance to move. She is classified as a high falls risk.

Patient 2 Mrs Walters is going to theatre at 0800 and is not yet ready

Patient 3 Mr Young is nil by mouth and has IV therapy running at 167mls per hour. The infusion pump alarm is sounding and the IV flask appears to be close to empty, Mr Young is also complaining of pain.

Patient 4 Mr Stavropoulous has been admitted for acute asthma. He is due for ventlin and prednisolone at 0800. His BGL at 0700 was 4.6mmol/l.

The ANUM is searching for Mrs Walters pre-operative checklist and want to know if you have seen it. In what order would you address these requests? Describe your rationale for each decision.

Section 4

You are collecting a patient from the theatre. Your patient tells you she has pain 6 out of 10. She has been given Morphine 2.5mg IV 20 minutes previously. The recovery RN asks you to sort out the pain relief on the ward as they are too busy and need the space. The drug chart has Panadol and Panadeine for pain relief. You suggest that the patient should not leave recovery with uncontrolled pain and the recovery RN says “I’ve already handed over to you I can’t do anything about that now”. How will you manage this situation?


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