Write a detailed business breif following the instructions given

Write a detailed business brief following the instructions given

What does the reader need to know about the company in order to understand their business,
customers, purpose, etc.?

• Describe the Leadership style of the CEO, what makes them unique
• How does the company recruit, attract and retain top talent? What is their HR strategy?
• Do they offer unique benefits/perks to motivate their workers? Describe them.
• What do employees have to say about the company?
• What is their ethical stance (if it is prominent)? For example, Patagonia believes it is
ethical to take care of the environment.
• How do they sell their product? Online, B2B, Distribution, etc?
• Do they have any pending lawsuits/warranty/HR related suits?

You will include an environmental market analysis (PEST, SWOT, or Stakeholder). You will format
for face validity


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