Write a 750 word critical review for the film Interstellar using a strategic organization structure and a thesis.

Write a 750 word critical review for the film Interstellar using a strategic organization structure and a thesis.

1.What is the aim of the film or what does it try to get the audience to believe or see?

The film Interstellar tries to show the audience the wonders of space, time, and physics visually. It also ties emotions such as love, anger, and envy with science, even though science’s vague explanation of emotion. The film’s scientific approach to emotions helps the audience understand the astrophysical events in the movie.

2. What are the strengths of the film?

Well, made visuals that were made with scientific theories.

The audience is left with Strong emotional ties with characters.

Realistic and scientifically theorized events are backed with physics and not imagination. (To an extent)

3. What are the weaknesses?

The film ventures to unproven theories about time and how it could be manipulated. Leading to some plot holes.

4.Before viewing this film, I believed this about the topic_____________________.

before viewing this film, I believed I had a good understanding of space, time and physics

5. But after viewing this film, my view has changed in these ways:

My views of space change the film gives you a good understanding of how vast space is. The film also has an exciting approach to time traveling and does good tying it with physics. That helped me grasp a more realistic view rather than your typical imaginary approach.

6.Although the film has persuaded me that ____________________________, I still doubt that.

Although the film has persuaded me that time moves slower when closer to a black hole, I still doubt that time travel is posable.

7. The most important insights I have gotten from viewing this documentary are as follows:

That somethings in life do not have scientific explanations but have a purpose, all things have a purpose, look at the bigger picture

8.The most significant questions this film raises for me are as follows: _______________________.

The most important question this film raises for me is If Cooper was sent to the past to save the earth, and the people who allegedly sent him back were future human civilizations how they managed to survive in the first place.

9. Would you recommend this film to any particular audiences? If so, for what reasons?

Not in particular, this film is well put together with great visuals, soundtrack, and storyline.

Example Theses: Although Game Changers lacks the recommendation of exactly what types of food people need to fully benefit from a plant-based diet, the film is cinematically inspiring and provides ample information and experiments that persuades athletes as well as people looking for a healthier lifestyle to consider the switch.

The End of Meat is a cinematically beautiful, even poetic film in its longing for a transformation of human/animal relationships and a more compassionate, environmentally sustainable future. Though the film suffers from stretches of low energy at times, the film offers something satisfying and valuable for both vegan audiences and curious omnivores.

Organizing Your Essay

Introduce the film or album and relevant details

Synopsis (overview summary) of the film or album; thesis statement which includes your evaluative claim on the quality of the product under review.

Strengths (things that you like or feel are well executed in the product)

Weaknesses (things that you don’t like about the product)

Weigh the product’s strengths against its weaknesses (conclusion)

Make a recommendation to particular audiences w/ reasons.

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