Why are orcas in Puget Sound declining?

Why are orcas in Puget Sound declining?

After watching the video and reading the articles, please answer the following discussion questions or prompts. Please copy and paste the short title of the prompts into your post or number your responses according to these below:

Summary: Based on your reading, tell us in why are orcas in Puget Sound declining? You should be sure to touch on the reasons described in each of the articles above, as well as your additional source. (~200 words)

Impact: What is the cultural and/or spiritual impact of the orca decline – both on both indigenous and non-indigenous people? What kind of emotions did this reading evoke in you? (~150 words)

Research: Search for “the Marine Mammal Protection Act” online. What does it do? How does it apply to orcas? (~75 words)

Questions: Write one (or more) question you still have after completing this assignment.


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