Why do the women’s Representation in Peace Building Matter? (but connect Somalia conflict,)

Why do the women’s Representation in Peace Building Matter? (but connect Somalia conflict,)

Essay Question:
1- Why do the women's Representation in Peace Building Matter?
(but connect Somalia conflict,)
In the essay, it requires to look at one case, such as particularly Somalia
conflict, to explain the conflict, that effect on women, and how their
participation was not facilitated. As you know Somalia has been in conflict
of civil war since 1991. It’s about 30 years of civil war and conflict

The 3500 word (60%) major research essay demonstrates your knowledge of the
literature, your research skillset, and your application of the insights from the
literature to examine a particular problem of relevance to gender and security in
international relations. The major research essay is your chance to convince the
reader of the importance of further research and policy engagement in this issue. So
You will need to state your major essay research question on the first page of your
NB: You will have received feedback on your annotated bibliography to help guide
your major essay so it will be acceptable to adapt the major essay research question
that you submitted in the annotated bibliography after receiving feedback.
You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate research skills (knowledge and
evidence: the ability to provide accurate and detailed information about your chosen
topic and relevant case studies), on synthesis and persuasive argument (in bringing
together ideas and data from several sources), on theoretical and conceptual
understanding, and on quality of presentation (including accurate referencing)
and on the clarity of your writing.
You will have to make reference to further reading. References to textbooks alone
will not be sufficient to pass this assessment.
You are very welcome to workshop your research question with me throughout the
semester in class or during consultation hours.
To write a good research paper:
 Explain in the introduction the context of the question, your basic argument
and how the paper will proceed step by step (the structure). Define key
conceptual terms if necessary.
 Signpost the structure throughout the paper, indicating the logical progression
from paragraph to paragraph and section to section (so linking sentences at
the end of paragraphs and sections are important).
 Provide persuasive analysis of evidence in support of your argument.

 Focus your research and discussion through using a timeframe, region,
and/or case study. Or all three!
 Ground your argument in the theoretical debates of the discipline.
 Proof read to corect mitakes ��

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