Analyze a whistle-blowing case of your choice.

Analyze a whistle-blowing case of your choice.


  • Do some research to find an interesting whistleblowing case that you want to analyze.
  • Provide some information about the case you chose and analyze whether the whistleblowing was justified by applying the method defined in class (see also textbook, pp 154-156 (I will upload them)+(the textbook link)).
  • Word count: about 1200 – 1500
  • Provide references


1) Information about the case; description of the whistleblowing

Application of method: Was the whistleblowing justified? (Outcome Case description)

2) Step 1: Was there a serious issue and unbiased evidence? (OutcomeMethod step 1: issue and evidence)

3) Step 2: Were there alternative ways to address the issue? (OutcomeMethod step 2: alternative ways)

4) Step 3: Were there strong ethical reasons for blowing the whistle? (Method step 3: ethical aspects)

Case description30 pts
Method step 1: issue and evidence30 pts
Method step 2: alternative ways30 pts
Method step 3: ethical aspects30 pts
Total Points: 120

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words limit:1272 words