What were the goals of California missions?

What were the goals of California missions?

For our very last Blog, please answer all parts of the prompt and be sure that your initial post reaches the full 400 word minimum requirement. Remember to also post a peer response of at least 200 words as well!

1) What were the goals of California missions? How did Indigenous peoples resist during the time period of the missions? Be sure to provide specific examples.

2) How does the term “Manifest Destiny” relate to the chapter “Sea to Shining Sea” from our textbook? Be sure to provide specific examples from the textbook.

3) What was Deborah Miranda’s argument in “Lying to Children about the California Missions and the Indians” article? What stood out to you, and why?

4) How does your K-12 education relate to the experiences mentioned in Lim’s article on “Educating Elementary School Children About California Missions and Genocide”? Why might the ways missions are taught be problematic? How might this problem be resolved, specifically what does Lim advocate for in the article?

5) What stood out to you in the article “What the ‘California Dream’ Means to Indigenous Peoples”? What does the “California Dream” mean to Indigenous peoples, and what solution does the author suggest?

6) Provide a quick analysis of Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” based on the history covered in this week’s materials. This analysis is open to your own interpretation and creativity! Please include lyrics and examples from our materials to build meaningful connections.

7) Lastly, since this is our very last discussion blog, please take a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned so far. What do you predict we’ll be learning in our final Module 6 and how will these materials connect to the materials we’ve already covered? What did you find to be the most important take-aways from the course so far? What was most interesting or personally meaningful to you, and why?

Our Spirits Don’t Speak English Links to an external site.

Stolen Children: Residential School Survivors Speak Out Links to an external site.

Lying to Children about the California Missions and the Indians Links to an external site.

Educating Elementary School Children about California Missions and the Perpetuation of Genocide Links to an external site.

What the California Dream Means to Indigenous Peoples Links to an external site.

Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” Song Links to an external site.

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