What is psychology and Origins of Psychology

 What is psychology and Origins of Psychology

  1. Everyone who goes to a psychologist is crazy. (True or false, why)
  2. For you, what was the most important event in the development of Psychology.

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Psychology is not for crazy people and although it is something I have heard since childhood, one grows up and realizes that it is very far from reality. I remember going to the Psychologist as a child because of problems I was having due to the separation from my parents for which many children scoffed saying that I was “crazy” and that’s why I went to those appointments. Everyone who goes to a Psychologist is not necessarily crazy because the Psychologist goes many people with different types of problems and in many cases they only need a professional to talk about their situation and thus be able to reach a solution, while some go due to childhood traumas or some problem that currently passes and is affecting their psychological or / or emotional health. For me, one of the most important events for psychology was in 1910 where there was a presentation at a conference which was entitled “On psychology and psychotherapy of certain distressing states” by Germán Greve, a disciple of Freud from chille. The lecture was given in the Neurology section of the Inter-American Congress of Medicine and Hygiene that met in Buenos Aires. The conference discussed the existence of child sexuality, and insisted on the importance of psychoanalytic therapy in the treatment of obsessive symptoms. Freud was interested in Greve’s contribution to psychoanalysis and proceeded to summarize the lecture which was later published in a journal of psychoanalysis. It is sad to see how even after this we continue to see cases of sexual abuse of infants and how power (money or social position) allows these people to break the laws, making them almost “untouchable”.

Psychology is for crazy people, that’s what most say and I find it very sad, it’s absolutely false and it’s a fight that I carry from my family to my friends whom I try to help day by day or whenever I have the opportunity. Definitely since I was a child I have always had that fire inside to motivate, to encourage and to do for the rest. Until a few years ago, I realized that psychology was what I was passionate about and started the search. From that moment I usually educate myself and listen to professionals of psychology to go further with my close people. Explain to them the great benefits we can get from this great branch. When I hear that phrase of “go to the psychologist” referring to a person who is crazy, makes me uncomfortable, I still think it’s false. If there’s one thing I love is telling anecdotes to the people I talk to about celebrities, millionaires and athletes who have gone to therapy and improved their lives exponentially. One of the most important events for me was when Margaret Floy Washburn was the first woman to receive a PhD in psychology. Seeing and understanding the struggle today that women lead, at that time it must have been revolutionary and symbolic. I don’t even know what genre is the one that dominates in the world of psychology but I personally have seen that nowadays doctors are very passionate based on this profession.


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