Discuss Wal-Mart supply chain management practices

Discuss Wal-Mart supply chain management practices

Topic: wal-mart’s supply chain management practices

Answer the 4 question
1. Wal-Mart has been able to achieve respectable leadership in the retail industry because of its focus on supply chain management. Discuss in detail         the distribution and logistics system adopted by Wal-Mart.

2. The use of innovative information technology tools had benefited Wal-Mart’s supply chain management. In the light of the above statement, briefly       explain how IT benefited Wal-Mart’s logistics and inventory management.

3. What were the supply chain management processes adopted by Wal-Mart and how far were they effective? Discuss.

4. What was the nature of benefits derived by Wal-Mart from the efficient supply chain management practices and how far it has contributed to its              sustainable competitive advantage? Explain


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Wal-Mart Supply Chain Management Practices