Discuss the types of plagiarism and repercussions

Discuss the types of plagiarism and repercussions

Plagiarism Discussion

The textbook and Turnitin article discuss the types of plagiarism and repercussions. Discuss at least two things you learned from these readings

There are links to three articles under the heading “Plagiarism and the media.” For each source, select one of the cases and discuss your thoughts (please do not use the same case if it is repeated in more than one article. In your opinion plagiarism occur in any or all these instances? Please explain

Do you think plagiarism should have a place outside the academic world? In the instances that plagiarism occurred, would you have thought less of the person/organization if the original author had given credit? Please explain

Book ISBN #: 9781433805615 Plus one downloadable pdf. (For Question 1)

Plagiarism and the media links (For question 2):





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