This paper provides a discussion of an instance where I felt undervalued, and also responds to two peers.

This paper provides a discussion of an instance where I felt undervalued, and also responds to two peers.

Throughout the course, you will engage in Discussions with classmates to share reflections on the concepts of each unit. The Discussions will also give you the opportunity to learn from the interpretations and perspectives of your classmates. This course itself will be a study in different social, political, and cultural influences, as the class is made up of individuals with varying views of the world. The Discussions will give you an opportunity to express your point of view. Be sure to write carefully and respond to classmates respectfully.

To make the most out of your learning experience and earn a good Discussion grade, you must answer the Discussion question and then respond substantially to at least two classmates’ postings for each unit Discussion. You should write at least 200 words in the original post; then you should post with content and detail on the posts to your peers. Aim for at least four sentences in each post to your peers, building the Discussion with references to the Reading, application in your life, or other information to help share your perspective. With the original reply and two posts to your peers, this means you will post three times to each Discussion Board. You will want to use APA format with in-text and full end reference for citation of sources, which can help to give credit to the research you used and also to distinguish between your ideas and the sources.

Topic 1: Recognizing Your Potential

For this Discussion, you will share an experience of overcoming obstacles and reflect on the power of the individual to act in the face of social, cultural, or political pressures.

Consider a time when you, a loved one, or a friend had been underestimated. Perhaps a manager was surprised when your friend came up with a new solution to a problem at work. Maybe you had been told that you could not succeed in college due to a learning disability.

What was the situation? What were the external forces, social, political or cultural that influenced the situation? How did it feel to have people doubting you, a loved one, or a friend of yours? What helped you or this other person to overcome the obstacle and uncover their personal potential?



Justine Fabella posted Oct 15, 2020 3:36 PM

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We all have those moments when someone tells us we are not good enough. For me, a moment that comes to mind is when I was 18 and having my first child. I had just graduated from high school and had high expectations from my family to start my journey into college and complete a degree while working full-time. I had more doubts that I did certainties from others, and so I used this as fuel to eventually prove everyone wrong. I made the decision to raise my child while working full-time and begin college when I felt I could take on the task. I was told by my family and friends that the longer I put off college, then the more likely I would not attend. However, I have similar beliefs to the culture of Japan; you can become anything as long as you work for it. (Michaeli, Lazo, Nghe, Moussavi, Steinberg, 2017). From 18 years old, I undoubtedly knew that I would someday attend college and complete a degree. It took me four years to plan, save money, and organize my life with my child to allow myself the opportunity to begin my college degree. So here I am doing just that.


Michaeli, M. and Lazo, A., Thao, P.N., Moussavi, M. & Steinberg, M. (Spring 2017) “Global Cultural and Accounting Difference Between Japan and the USA,” Proceedings of the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies. Volume 22, Number 1.



Mary Freeman posted Oct 15, 2020 12:05 AM

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I would say that my biggest hurdle that I have had to deal with is my Aspergers. I have been told from coworkers and friends from my childhood that I would never amount to anything in life. It seems like the world shuns people with autism thinking that we are dumb and stupid. I have also been diagnosed with ADHD and other mental disorders such as PTSD and Depression. I have been told at work that the only way I can be a manager is by controlling my emotions. It is like my job just wanted me to be a robot when all I wanted to do was to break out of my shell.

Being different has also been able to prove my worth in the workplace. People have begun to respect me despite my weird traits. I always show up on time to my work shift and I am always willing to show up on my days off to help. I guess you can say I am a workaholic.

My late friend was very different as well. She came to work at my store just after beating cancer. She was judged the same way as I was. No one took her seriously at first but became respected when she helped as well. We would always be there for each other, even until she died. She sadly could not beat this second round of colon cancer in 12/2018 but she would always remain in the hearts of all she met.

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this paper provides a discussion of an instance where I felt undervalued, and also responds to two peers.

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